Inclusive Play

Sand Box


Clover Leaf Sandbox that is at the right height for everyone!

Avalanche Slide


The first and only accessible slide of its kind, the Avalanche Inclusive Slide has a lower transfer point so children can access the slide from ground level.

Accelerator Swing


The Accelerator Swing helps activate and integrate the important sense of movement and gravity-the vestibular sense.

Roller Slide


The Roller Slide is unique in offering a tactile component that combines motion- activating the vestibular sense-and sensation to muscles and joints, providing proprioceptive input.

Buddy Rocker


The Buddy Rocker creates an up-and-down motion, which helps children learn to balance, encourages cooperative play and helps children develop social skills the coordinate their actions with other users.

Pull Along


The Pull Along is a wheelchair -accessible, freestanding event that allows children to slide back and forth, providing deep muscle pressure that supports and develops the vital sense of body awareness.

Inclusive Play

Ten Spin


The Ten Spin is an inclusive, freestanding product that allows up to 10 children of all abilities to play together.

Inclusive Swing Seat


Our Inclusive Swing Seat is a snug, supportive seat that offers all children a high-flying ride while helping them coordinate head and eye movements, stay upright against gravity, develop balance, equilibrium and coordinate actions on the right and left sides of the body.



The Reflex has an up-and-down movement that provides crucial vestibular sensation but also supports the development of balance, postural control, core strength and position awareness.

Play Panels


Activity play panels that promote interactive, sensory and inclusive play for children of all abilities!

Alta Glide


The Alta Glide is a swaying, bouncing wheelchair-accessible glider that makes play exciting for all children.

New Inclusive Whirl


Now children of all abilities can enjoy the thrills of spinning together!