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Top 10 Playground Planning Questions

Top 10 Playground Planning Questions 

1. Should we build a single play structure that accommodates children ages 2 through 12?

You most certainly can but in some cases this does not make sense for age appropriate play and challenges for 5-12 year olds. Sometimes it makes more sense to have two separate areas that are designated for the different age groups of 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds. Maine Recreation and Designs can help you through this design process.

2. Do you do community build playground?

Yes we do and we will work with you every step of the way. Our certified playground installers are on site through the whole building process working with community volunteers.

3. What are the comparative costs per square foot of the various safety surfaces?

Surfacing pricing varies greatly depending on drainage requirements, fall height requirements, and over all size of the area. Engineered wood fiber is the least expensive resilient material.

Loose fill rubber chips will cost about 2-3 times as much initially. Synthetic turf and poured-in-place rubber safety surfaces will initially cost 5-6 times as much as engineered wood fiber. Always consider the overall lifetime costs for all these materials when comparing these material costs.

4. What other costs are there besides the equipment costs that we need to be aware of?

When figuring the total costs for a playground it is important to consider the following: Site preparations, freight, unloading of equipment, borders, sono tubes, concrete, digging equipment, safety surfacing and the spreading of safety surfacing.

5. Does Maine Recreation and Design offer full turn key installations?

Yes we do our certified installers can handle everything from the off loading of the equipment, installing the playground, and the spreading of the safety surfacing.

6. Will landscape fabric be needed under the wood fiber safety surfacing?

Landscape fabric is recommended to give separation between any underground  drainage materials and the wood fiber. This helps to prolong the life of the drainage system by keeping these materials separated while also extending the life of the wood fiber surfacing material. Depending on the type of soil and porosity of it. If no drainage system is installed then landscape fabric may not be required.

7. Can we install the play equipment on our own?

Yes, we supply detailed instructions that will help guide you through the installation process. Maine Recreation and Design will always be there for you if you find out you need help and or guidance.

8. Is there a fee to have you come out and look at our site?

Maine Recreation and Design would be happy to meet with you and look at your site and discuss the planning of your new playground at no cost. This is the most important step in providing the proper planning and design for your new playground.  

9. How much does Maine Recreation and Design charge for assisting in a community build playground?

There is no charge for assistance with community build projects we have done well over 100 such projects here in Maine.

10. Can we build our new playground in phases?

Yes, we often design and build playgrounds in phases based on budgets and funding. This is a perfect way to get some equipment now, and build interest in the overall project.

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